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  • More than rumors: Apple stacks up on AI integrations
  • How could this integration happen?
  • Apple wants to make AI an avenue for direct profits
Apple products might have more functions linked to AI. Pixabay/ Pexels

More than rumors: Apple stacks up on AI integrations

Apple, the technology leader, was in the middle of rumors and stories about possible deals and collaborations for a while. Apple seemed to stay far behind other technology developers, like Microsoft and Google, when it came to artificial intelligence and integration of this technology.

Other companies integrated chatbots and other technologies with AI functions in their devices and other products, but Apple waited to announce anything like this. However, Apple was the first to introduce Siri assistants to iPhones, iPads, and other devices with iOS.

Apple fans started questioning when the company would do the same as others. It was not long ago that Apple started talking about AI technology integrations. A few collaboration plans have failed, but there are more reports on Apple's steps. People who were disappointed that the only integration so far was OpenAI's ChatGPT might be happier now.

Apple announced that it may reach a deal with Google Gemini, too. The collaboration should be completed this fall. Gemini has been a part of the iOS 18 chatbot rumors since the rumor about the OpenAI collaboration started. Even Apple's software boss, Craig Federighi, hinted about the deal with Google[1].

How could this integration happen?

Artificial intelligence is the new hype of technology. People want these tools in their devices and embrace chatbots and other AI applications that generate answers, photos, pickup lines, stories, and letters, as well as make songs and deliver other creations upon one request or example from the user.

However, even though this technology is amazing and can provide much good for the people and the industry in general, there are many nuances in this. Especially when technology giants like Apple and Google want to collaborate and use a few methods, technologies, and protocols in one project. So many questions about how these integrations of Google's Gemini and OpenAI's ChatGPT in Apple products will happen.

AI changes the world, and soon, our devices will all have some of these functions. Tara Winstead/ Pexels
AI changes the world, and soon, our devices will all have some of these functions. Tara Winstead/ Pexels

It is believed that Gemini will be integrated similarly to ChatGPT. Apple should use Google's Gemini as a chatbot option when handling complex user requests and tasks in areas where the initial assistant in iOS, Siri, cannot perform. Also, some reports stated that the Gemini model would support more than just user queries via chat or voice input[2].

It is believed that, for example, the AI model could use its functions as an engine to run cloud-based AI tasks and enhance photos and videos. It resembles how Google implemented this function in the Pixel 8 Pro. Google offers a Gemini app for iPhone and iPad already, but this integration could be different. App works as a standalone chatbot and an option to Google Search as opposed to a full-fledged AI model.

Apple wants to make AI an avenue for direct profits

There are particular rumors that the iPhone manufacturer is developing its own AI model dubbed Ajax, so these integrations are just temporary solutions or band-aids. However, it is possible that the development would take a few more years before Apple could make this AI model as capable as existing alternatives from other manufacturers[3].

These integrations do not seem to be Apple's only plan. After integrating chatbots, Apple plans to introduce Apple Intelligence, but it will start as a trial version this autumn. Apple aims to make money directly from AI, not just as a feature for selling devices. They might offer subscription-based Apple Intelligence features in the future.

Apple Intelligence is only for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users. It's uncertain if this version will be good enough to encourage many people to upgrade their iPhones, and we don't even know if the features will be useful. Apple will still earn money through in-app purchases from AI partner chatbot subscriptions.

It seemed that Apple was behind with all the AI integrations and new technology for a while since other manufacturers jumped into the hype train way earlier. While Apple gradually introduced its AI system, third-party AI services will fill the gap. This means more options for users, even if they mainly involve algorithmic data processing or funny cooking suggestions. For now, there are many talks about these collaborations and integrations, but whether it will happen this fall or later on is unknown.