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  • Spellfire: A 30-Year-Old Card Game Makes a Comeback in Lithuania
  • Get Ready for the First Lithuanian Spellfire Tournament with a €3,000 Prize Pool!
  • Spellfire Tournament Is Open To Newcomers And Pros Alike
  • Tournament Progress, Winners Announcement, and Prize Distribution
  • Enhance Your Gaming Skills Before the Tournament
Spellfire tournament
The first tournament will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Spellfire: A 30-Year-Old Card Game Makes a Comeback in Lithuania

Spellfire, a card game with a 30-year legacy in Lithuania, is making a comeback. This classic collectible card game, Spellfire, which boasts nearly three decades of history and a devoted fan base, is set to ignite a new generation of players. Join us in celebrating the revival of Spellfire and meet the enthusiastic Lithuanian community dedicated to bringing this magical experience to a new audience.

To appreciate the significance of this resurgence, let's briefly explore the game's history, which is as captivating as the characters that invite you to immerse yourself in a world of magic. Spellfire, born in the early 1990s, was conceived as a collectible card game aiming to capture the enchantment that had propelled Magic: the Gathering to global stardom. These card games offered a distinct experience for enthusiasts, allowing players to construct their decks and test their strategies in head-to-head battles.

For those unfamiliar with collectible card games, they prioritize strategy and wise choices over luck. Imagine standing before a substantial deck of cards, each possessing unique powers capable of profoundly altering the game's course. Your challenge is to assemble a cohesive set of cards that complement each other, fortify your position, and work together to secure victory. You design and refine your deck through trial and error, seeking the perfect card combination that makes you a formidable opponent.

Spellfire, an exceptional and trailblazing game, established its niche in the world of card games in 1994, amassing a sizable and devoted fan base. However, coexisting in the same magical realm can be challenging, akin to two similar games sharing the same fan base. Spellfire faced formidable competition from Magic: the Gathering, which swiftly became the dominant force in the realm of fantasy games.

Regrettably, Magic's popularity garnered more attention, a larger player base, and greater financial success, ultimately leading to Spellfire conceding ground. Eventually, Magic: the Gathering acquired its sole competitor, Spellfire, and, despite promising a bright future and a beautiful vision for the Spellfire fan community at the time of acquisition, chose to focus solely on developing Magic and placed Spellfire on hold.

Remarkably, Spellfire, seemingly abandoned for years, managed to endure. Even today, tournaments continue to be held in various countries, drawing a smaller yet dedicated community of fantasy enthusiasts, forever imbued with the spirit of magic. Vintage Spellfire cards remain available on various trading platforms, cherished by loyal fans who continue to exchange and trade them.

Throughout the years, Spellfire retained a special place in the hearts of its loyal followers. Its unique game mechanics and rich narrative captivated a devoted community, ensuring the game's survival. Now, three decades since its inception, Spellfire is experiencing a renaissance, fueled by the passionate initiatives of its fans, with a substantial community based in our country leading the way.

Spellfire card game

Get Ready for the First Lithuanian Spellfire Tournament with a €3,000 Prize Pool!

Save the date and don't miss out on this exciting event! The Spellfire community is thrilled to announce the revival of this beloved collectible card game. They say, "Having someone to play with is crucial, and we're committed to making it a fantastic experience for all ages. Spellfire is a game that deserves attention and will captivate enthusiasts young and old alike." This year, the Spellfire community made appearances at two magic fan gatherings in Lithuania, Lituanicon and Comicon, where they introduced the revitalized game to a warm reception. They hope to welcome many of these individuals on their journey of growth and development, inspiring hearts with fantasy.

Spellfire Re-Master the magic new cards are ready.
Spellfire Re-Master the magic new cards are ready.

The tournament is scheduled to take place later this year, during the festive season in Vilnius.

December 16, 2023
Location: Šv. Stepono g. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania (“RIKIS”)
Registration: 12:00
Tournament Ignition: 13:00

Prospective participants are kindly requested to register using the following registration form: https://forms.gle/6YLxDnJWscav4EK38

According to the organizers, the system will streamline participant counting, improve seating arrangements, and help determine the requirement for judges. However, it's essential to highlight that individuals who haven't pre-registered can still participate and register on-site.

The tournament entry fee is €5, and participants will receive Common and Uncommon bundle packs valued at €14.40, ensuring that everyone leaves the event with valuable rewards. There won't be any losers in this tournament.

Spellfire Tournament Is Open To Newcomers And Pros Alike

Get ready to wield the power of Spellfire with your 25-card deck and put your skills to the ultimate test in thrilling battles! Each Spellfire card possesses unique abilities capable of boldly reshaping the game's course. It's important to note that only Spellfire "Re-Master the Magic" cards are eligible for this tournament, and with around 1600 of them at your disposal, your imagination and tools to construct your deck are boundless.

Forge your magical empire, expand your territories, and lead your champions into epic clashes against your adversaries. Strengthen them with magical prowess and call upon allies for assistance, but stay vigilant, as your opponents will strive to do the same. Remember, timing is crucial, as success hinges not only on your cards but also on a well-thought-out strategy.

The Spellfire Blitz tournament features exclusively 25-card decks. Each player must assemble their own deck consisting of realms, holdings, champions, allies, events, spells, psionic powers, unarmed combat cards, blood abilities, thief skills, magical items, and artifacts. Keep in mind that different cards serve different purposes, so adhering to the rules is vital. Some key rules include ensuring that the total champion power in a deck does not exceed 40 (indicated by the number in the upper left corner of each champion card), avoiding avatars, dungeons, and rules cards in your 25-card deck, and limiting realms to a maximum of 7. Familiarize yourself with the detailed deck-building rules if you plan to participate in the tournament.

In a 25-card deck, your objective is to construct an empire comprising 3 realms cards and successfully defend it for an additional round of turns. Prepare to unleash your strategic prowess and claim victory in the Spellfire Blitz tournament!

Tournament Progress, Winners Announcement, and Prize Distribution

The tournament will be structured as follows: Depending on the number of participants, players will compete in groups of three, facing different opponents. There will be three rounds in total, and points will be awarded based on the player's position in each round:

  • First place: 2 points
  • Second place: 1 point
  • Third place: 0 points

Following the qualifying rounds, those with the highest points will advance to the quarter-finals. Specifically, the top 27 scorers will progress to the quarter-finals, with 9 reaching the semi-finals, and ultimately, 3 making it to the grand final.

A 30-minute rule will be enforced during all rounds leading up to the Grand Final, with the exception of the Final itself. This rule is intended to expedite gameplay and encourage players to strategize swiftly without unnecessary delays. In the event that a player is unable to establish and defend a 3-realm empire in the last round, the tournament referee will assess the cards placed to determine the winner.

In the final showdown, the three semi-final winners will vie for the prestigious title of tournament champion, and the high-speed game rule will not apply.

Enhance Your Gaming Skills Before the Tournament

Get ready to level up your gaming abilities leading up to the Main Event by joining the RIKIS Playground. Take part in a series of exciting events scheduled as follows:

  • November 25th at 1:00 p.m.
  • December 2nd at 1:00 p.m.
  • December 3rd at 1:00 p.m.

Mark these dates on your calendar, attend these sessions, and learn how to play Spellfire. As a bonus, you'll receive a FREE set of two 25-card decks themed "Good versus Evil," complete with 3 cluster packs, each containing 5 cards. This presents a fantastic opportunity to prepare for the main tournament at no cost and build a formidable deck of cards.