How to become a DAO member and why we decided to introduce tokens

The platform operates under community management, utilizing a decentralized governance system known as DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). To bring this platform to fruition, initial contributors committed to SAFTs (Agreements for Future Tokens) during the platform's early development phase, thereby becoming DAO members. Currently, the tokens are yet to be issued, with trading set to commence on the exchange's opening day.

Members of the DAO, open to newcomers through token purchase, collectively determine the platform's content, governance, and future trajectory. Tokens will play a crucial role in acquiring various additional features, supporting content creators, and covering platform expenses, ensuring benefits for both members and the sustainability of the platform.

Token utility

The platform will incorporate tokens, enabling users to actively contribute to platform management. Token holders will possess voting rights on content, platform changes, and other pivotal aspects. Active participation in the decentralized management of the can be initiated with at least one token.

Tokens will also serve as the primary currency within the system. Users will earn tokens by engaging in online activities such as providing advice, participating in surveys, reading messages, and creating appealing content. Additionally, tokens will facilitate the purchase and sale of services, trade items, and other tokens. As token trading commences, the acquired tokens will prove valuable for a variety of purposes.

Earning opportunities on

Embark on a journey of creative expression and entrepreneurial spirit as you contribute to the diverse tapestry of content on the platform. Here, users are not just consumers but active contributors, earning tokens through various avenues:

  • Content creation rewards: Dive into the world of creative expression and earn tokens by submitting news, posts, and articles. Direct payments from fellow community members await those who captivate audiences with their insights.
  • Contribution to rewards pool: Elevate your engagement by sharing personal experiences, lifestyle anecdotes, and valuable advice. In doing so, you not only contribute to the communal rewards pool but also garner tokens for your contributions.
  • Reading rewards: Immerse yourself in the diverse tapestry of content on and reap the rewards. Active readers are incentivized with tokens, fostering a culture that values intellectual exchange and community interaction.
  • Viral and trending content rewards: Propel your content into the limelight by creating posts that go viral or trend. The rewards pool becomes a reservoir of additional tokens, acknowledging and compensating creators for their impact.
  • Marketplace sales: Transform your creations into currency by leveraging the 77 marketplaces. Whether physical or digital, items sold here yield tokens directly into your wallet.
  • Invitation rewards: Expand the community fabric by inviting friends and followers. Tokens flow as expressions of gratitude from the rewards pool, creating a network effect that benefits all.
  • Crowdfunding opportunities: Turn your visionary ideas into reality with the aid of the platform. Utilize token-based crowdfunding to bring your creative endeavors to life, fostering a collaborative spirit within the community.

Spending opportunities on

Having earned tokens through creative contributions, users can explore a spectrum of spending opportunities, enhancing their experience on the platform:

  • Increased visibility: Amplify the reach of your contributions by using tokens to enhance visibility. Elevate your news, posts, and articles, ensuring a broader audience connects with your insights.
  • Enhanced social presence: Craft a unique online identity by utilizing tokens for exclusive emojis on your channel, page, or profile. Strengthen your social presence and connect with the community through personalized expressions.
  • Author contributions: Recognize and support fellow creators by sending token contributions. This feature enriches the collaborative spirit, fostering a culture where creative minds uplift one another.
  • Digital badges for status: Ascend the hierarchical ladder of recognition within the community by acquiring digital badges. These badges not only symbolize your status but also unlock additional functionalities, creating a gamified and interactive experience.
  • Discounts on digital assets: Navigate the marketplace strategically by enjoying exclusive discounts when purchasing digital assets with tokens. Maximize your investment in the vibrant digital marketplace.
  • Token-based service payments: Streamline transactions on the platform by using tokens to pay for various services. This seamless payment method enhances user experience and establishes tokens as a versatile and efficient currency.
  • Educational access: Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge across seven faculties. Utilize tokens to unlock intensive studies and engaging games, transcending conventional learning boundaries.

For more detailed information about project changes and tokens, refer to the Roadmap section.