For 77.news to champion user expression and support content creators, it harnesses the power of an innovative platform. This cutting-edge method empowers users to freely exchange a myriad of content, extend their backing to content creators, and earn incentives for active engagement within the social platform.

While the term 'cross.social' may be unfamiliar to many, particularly as 77.news stands as the first platform to implement cross.social concepts, delving into the Whitepaper is highly recommended. There, you'll uncover crucial insights into the cross.social project: its inception story, guiding principles, operational methodologies, future roadmap, and much more.

For an exhaustive grasp of the project's functionalities and comprehensive responses to common inquiries, the FAQ section is a rich repository of detailed information. This section elucidates the inner workings of the cross.social, providing clarity and guidance to users exploring the platform's offerings, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for all.