Terms of Use

General Terms

77.news offers you the opportunity to access and utilize the new social platform 77.news (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") and its accompanying mobile application. 77.news provides access to a wide range of news and other relevant content on topics such as health, environment, politics, family, and more, via the Website and mobile app (referred to as "Content"). This Content is accessible to all individuals visiting the Website or using the mobile application, free of charge, and may be used for personal purposes, subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

Additionally, 77.news grants you the privilege of using the Website and mobile application as a social network where you can engage in discussions, post, and share content as you see fit. You bear responsibility for all the chats, comments, and other content you upload, and by using the website, you agree to abide by these Terms and other provisions.

While 77.news does not assume responsibility for user-uploaded content, it reserves the right to edit or remove content that does not adhere to established rules or applicable laws, as well as to block or delete accounts of violators. 77.news may also cooperate with law enforcement authorities in any jurisdiction where the Social Platform operates, following legal requirements, if requested by competent authorities.


All copyrights and other ownership rights related to the design (layout) of the Website and mobile application, as well as the software used, belong to Multiverse LTD and/or other Content providers. Copyright for content uploaded by independent authors or social platform users belongs to the respective authors.

If you intend to reproduce, quote, or otherwise distribute the Content published on the Website or mobile application, you must obtain consent from 77.news and provide a link to the source (https://77.news) and/or the logo. Modifying or removing copyright, trademark, or patent information from the Content is prohibited.

When posting specific information (photos, comments, etc.) on your social platform account, you are responsible for the content you upload and can remove it at any time. 77.news retains the right to delete or edit the content you upload if it violates applicable laws or website rules, but the company is not liable for this content and does not claim any copyright.

The website contains content and/or opinions from independent authors. The content generated by independent authors does not necessarily align with the viewpoints of the webmasters. All authors and users of the social platform are entirely responsible for the information they publish.

Privacy Policy

Please be aware that for the website to function correctly, we need to process information about you. The information collected by 77.news depends on how you utilize the Website or mobile application. 77.news collects and processes the following user data:

  1. Content and Information You Provide: This includes all messages, content, and other information you submit while using the Website or mobile application. The data collected comprises information you provide during account registration, content creation, interactions with other users, etc. This may encompass information contained within the content you provide or data related to the content itself (such as upload date, location, etc.). 77.news also collects data you choose to provide in your account, including information about your interests, political or religious views, trade union or organizational affiliations, ethnicity, or racial background.
  2. Your Usage Habits: Information is collected about your habits when using the Website or mobile application, including the features you use, the pages you visit most frequently, the duration of your use, the articles, posts, or other content you view, and any other data associated with your usage patterns.
  3. Networks and Communications: Information is gathered about users, pages, groups, and other entities you are connected to, as well as how you interact with them, such as how often you visit specific categories or engage with particular individuals.
  4. Information Provided or Activities Involving You by Other Individuals: Messages and any information provided about you by other users of the Website or mobile application are collected and analyzed. This encompasses items like messages sent to you, comments made by other users on your posted content, or the sharing of your posts.
  5. Information about Unregistered Users: Data is collected from unregistered users via cookies. These are used to collect website and mobile app traffic data and content popularity statistics. 77.news has the right to provide anonymous statistical information to third parties. The use of cookies does not allow for the identification of your identity. Furthermore, you can block cookies in your internet browser settings or opt out of them.

All information is collected from the computers, phones, or other devices connected to the Internet through which you access the Website or mobile application. In addition to usage information, 77.news also collects data about your devices. For example, it collects information regarding how you use the mobile application on your phone to better tailor content to your preferences. 77.news receive the following data from the devices you use:

  • Device Properties: This includes information such as the operating system, technical specifications, software version of the device in use, browser type, battery level, signal strength, and other characteristics of the device.
  • Identifiers: Information about device IDs and unique identifiers associated with the account you use.
  • Device Operations: Data about your operations and actions taken while using the device, such as whether the window is left in the background.
  • Data Obtained from Device Settings: 77.news receive all information that is available because you have granted such settings (e.g., allowing access to the device's GPS location, photos, etc.).
  • Network and Communications: Information related to your network or connection, such as your Internet service provider or mobile operator, IP address, mobile phone number, internet speed, etc.
  • Device Signals: Information about Bluetooth signals, nearby WiFi hotspots, or cell towers.
  • Cookie Data: Information available from cookies stored on your device, including settings and cookie IDs.

All information collected, which may vary depending on your use of the Website or mobile application, is used for the better functioning of the Website and the following purposes:

  • Customizing and Improving Website Services: Current information is used to tailor the Website and mobile app to your personal preferences, creating a service that aligns with your actions.
  • Promoting Safety and Integrity: The data collected helps monitor activity and accounts to combat harmful behavior, detect or prevent inappropriate content, and spam, maintain security, and uphold service integrity. This information can be employed for investigations into policy and terms violations or suspicious activities, as well as to offer assistance when needed.
  • Analyzing Service Usage: 77.news analyze the data collected to better understand how you use the Website and mobile application, identify services of the most interest to you, and enhance the adaptation of the Website and mobile application.
  • Communication: The accumulated information helps enhance user communication regarding policy changes, terms and conditions, special offers, etc., as well as to respond to your inquiries.

Information Sharing

Your information may be shared with others through various means, as outlined below:

  • User Interaction: You share information when you interact with other individuals or accounts. When you communicate or share content with others via the Website or mobile application, you are sharing that content with a specific audience, depending on where you're sharing or communicating, as well as your settings. Public information is accessible to everyone, not just registered users of the Website but also anyone visiting the Website without an account. Public information is accessible to everyone and can be shared, viewed, or forwarded by anyone. It may also appear in search engine results and other online means.
  • Content Sharing by Others: Other users may share your content and information about you. When you post something or share content with others, be aware that those individuals may also share the information you've posted or data from your account. For example, if you send a private message to someone, that person could take a screenshot of it and share the information with others. 77.news are not responsible for such actions, so it's essential to be cautious about the content you create share, and who you engage with online. Additionally, if you comment on content shared by others, your comments are visible to anyone who can view that content based on the original poster's privacy settings.
  • Change of Ownership: In the event of a change in ownership or management of the Website or mobile app, your information may be transferred to the new entity taking over the platform.
  • Collaboration with Third Parties: 77.news does not sell your information, nor does it have any intention of doing so. However, in collaboration with trusted partners, we may share certain information that can improve the Website or provide you with additional features you may request. We place stringent restrictions on our partners to define how the shared data can be used.

Legal Basis for Data Processing

The methods used to collect, use, and share the data are based on several legal aspects:

  1. To the extent required for the proper provision of services.
  2. To the extent necessary to comply with any legal obligations imposed on us.
  3. Based on your consent provided when using the services.
  4. To the extent necessary to serve the public interest.
  5. To the extent necessary to protect your vital interests and those of other individuals or groups.
  6. To the extent necessary to protect our (or others') legitimate interests, including our interest in providing safe, timely, personalized services to our users and partners, unless your interests or the fundamental freedoms and rights requiring us to protect your data are deemed superior to these interests.

Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which grants you certain rights regarding your data. These rights include the ability to access the data we collect about you, request data portability, seek correction of specific information, or request the complete deletion of data related to you. You can also object to the processing of certain data or limit its processing. This includes the right to object to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes and to object to data processing for our or a third party's legitimate interests or tasks related to the public interest. You can exercise these rights within the provided settings.

Account Deletion and Data Storage

Data is stored until it is no longer required for the proper provision of our services or until you decide to delete your account. The necessity for retaining information is determined on a case-by-case basis and may depend on the type of data, the purposes of collection and processing, and the legal or legitimate interests of the platform. When you delete your account, all the content you've posted on the Website will also be deleted, and it cannot be restored. However, content that others have shared about you will not be deleted from your account, as it does not belong to your account.

Legal Claims and Prevention of Harm

Your information may be stored and shared with law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities, or other entities that legally require it under the following circumstances:

  • If we receive a lawful request and we believe in good faith that the request complies with applicable law.
  • When we receive legal requests, we believe in good faith that we must respond to those requests under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction.
  • If responding to such requests aligns with internationally recognized standards and will affect users in that jurisdiction.
  • We believe it's necessary to prevent various forms of harm, such as fraud, unauthorized use of the Website or mobile app, policy violations, and other illegal or harmful activities.

We reserve the right to retain and access information about you for a more extended period when that information is subject to a legal request or obligation, is part of an investigation by authorities, or is related to potential violations of our platform's policies and terms. In addition, data from accounts that have been disabled due to policy violations will be retained for at least one year to prevent recurring violations or abuse of the terms.

Commenting, Discussions, and Other Forms of Communication

While we encourage discussions, we also promote respectful and constructive interactions. We do not tolerate hate speech or any other activities that are punishable by current laws. Content that violates these principles will be addressed:

  • Hate Speech: Speech that promotes national, racial, religious, or other forms of hatred, threats, insults, obscenities, or advertisements is not tolerated.
  • Fraudulent Activity: Content intended to deceive, misrepresent information, or facilitate fraudulent activities may be removed. However, content exposing such activities for awareness purposes is permitted.
  • Terrorism and Violent Extremism: We prohibit the use of the platform for the promotion, organization, or support of any criminal or harmful activities against individuals, businesses, property, or animals. This includes incitement to violence, terrorism, organized hatred, human trafficking, and criminal activities. We may block profiles associated with such activities and cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

We would like to remind users that they are personally responsible for the content they publish. Consequently, users are also held accountable for compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for users and address issues related to security and privacy seriously:

  • Self-Harm: Content promoting self-harm, suicide, or self-mutilation is not allowed. Users are encouraged to discuss these topics in a supportive and constructive manner, without encouraging harm.
  • Sexual Exploitation: Content that sexually exploits or endangers children is strictly prohibited. We report cases of apparent child abuse to law enforcement authorities.
  • Sexual Violence: Content depicting, encouraging, or glorifying sexual violence or activity with non-consenting parties is not allowed.
  • Bullying and Harassment: We do not support bullying or harassment. Content that threatens to disclose personal information, sends threatening messages, or engages in malicious communications may be removed.

We understand that discussions about these issues are necessary, and we leave room for appropriate conversations while adhering to content guidelines. Context and intent are crucial in determining whether content violates security standards.

Unacceptable Content

We do not condone hate speech or any form of attack on individuals based on protected characteristics. Hate speech creates a divisive environment and may incite real-world violence. We define hate speech as direct attacks on people based on characteristics such as race, nationality, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or serious illness. Hate speech includes harmful stereotyping, dehumanizing language, violence, contempt, exclusion, and more. Age is also considered a protected characteristic when insulted alongside other protected traits.

Promotion of violence or the celebration of suffering and humiliation of others is not allowed. While graphic content related to these topics may be permitted with prior warning and age restrictions, content that justifies or glorifies violence will be removed.

Nudity and sexual content are restricted, considering the sensitivities of different users. Content sharing nudity must have a clear reason, such as for protest, awareness, education, or medical purposes. Nudity shared without a clear purpose will be removed. Digitally generated sexual content is not tolerated unless posted for educational, humorous, or satirical purposes.

Finally, the right is reserved to remove any user-uploaded content that violates these rules, general legislation, or the legitimate interests of third parties without prior warning.

Community Guidelines Enforcement

77.news aims to enforce these guidelines consistently and fairly. We rely on user reports and automated systems to identify and remove content that violates our rules. We also provide users with the ability to appeal content removals if they believe a mistake has been made.

Account Suspension and Termination

For users who repeatedly violate these Community Guidelines or breach our Terms and Policies, we may take action, including issuing warnings, suspending accounts, or permanently terminating access to the Website or mobile application.

Reporting Violations

If you come across content that you believe violates these guidelines or any other policy of the Website, please report it. Reporting can be done through the Website or mobile application, and we take these reports seriously.

Changes to Rules

These rules may change, and any updates will be posted on the Website. Our rules are governed by Common Law and the law of the jurisdiction of 77.news.

Questions and Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines or how we handle content, please feel free to reach out to our support team through the contact information provided on the Website or mobile application.

If you have any more questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know, please email us at [email protected].